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Medical Coding and Billing

SBAccounting is one of the leading accounting outsourcing companies based in India offers comprehensive medical coding and billing services to worldwide clients. At SBAccounting, we understand that medical coding and billing is one of the most critical processes in healthcare revenue cycle management. Submitting those medical bills and getting those claims reimbursed on time is quite essential.  One of the main causes for claim rejections is medical coding errors. To help our clients from these errors, we have a team of certified professionals who maintain the highest level of precision in medical coding. Healthcare service providers would agree that effective follow-ups with the payers are essential to get the rejected and denied claims reimbursed. Nevertheless, adequate medical billing and coding in-house is difficult and is best executed when outsourced to professional medical coders.

Outsourcing medical billing and coding services can help you avail accurate and faster claims at negligible costs. SBAccounting understands the importance of timely medical billing and coding and relieves you from the follow-up and organizational troubles linked with billing and coding thereby helping you focus on presenting healthcare services to patients and your core competencies. Our mixture of medical billing and coding expertise with cutting-edge software offers the most sound and comprehensive revenue cycle management strategies to healthcare professionals. We have the industry-best infrastructure and the required skill set to serve global clients with a complete range of services that help them overcome the challenges in healthcare.

Our Medical Billing & Coding Services:

Below is the list of some major services that will help you in efficiently maintaining your cash flow, including but not limited to:-

  • Specialised medical coding services
  • Specialised medical billing services
  • Eligibility verification
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Apart from the above services, we have the required foundation and expertise to offer a complete range of speciality medical billing and coding services.

Our outsourced medical billing and coding services are delivered by qualified revenue cycle management experts who streamline your business by:

  • Delivering a patient-friendly billing and payment method
  • Recognizing opportunities to increase practice efficiency
  • Reconciling all charges held against your service log to assure all services offered have been submitted for payment
  • Proactively identifying possible compliance concerns to avoid delays or rejections
  • Improving business transparency through up-to-date and comprehensive reporting
  • Analyzing and tracking payments collected from payers for efficiency and appropriateness

When you outsource your medical billing and coding services to SBAccounting, you’ll partner with a company that will focus on your financial interests and help you gain maximum profit. Contact us today and discover the benefits to outsourcing revenue cycle management tasks to SBAccounting.